Tales or Dare

Serverless and flow programming applied to parties.

Tales or Dare is one of my experiments. The aim was to create a role-playing game for parties where tasks are given and decisions are made using a chatbot with consequences in real life (like having to drink or being motionless for 5 minutes).

The system provides a generic platform for building thematic games, like a Harry Potter game with spells and magical creatures, or a show simulation like Big Brother, or almost anything that a creator can imagine.

Using Messenger allows the players to enjoy the game without installing anything new on their phones.

The story editor in action.

The editor is built around the concept of flow programming, and the game can be built from multiple parallel flows where specific points require interaction from a single or multiple players.

The backend is built using serverless technology using a stateful approach where the state is preserved in storage while the server waits for user input. This way, the execution time - and the cost - of the backend is minimized.

Language: TypeScript, JavaScript
Environment: Browser, NodeJS, Azure Serverless, Azure Cosmos DB
Frameworks: React, Redux
Modules: react-flow-chart