LiveOps Framework

Real-time distributed Redux actions with extras.

Real-time distributed Redux actions with extras. The LiveOps framework is a closed-source backend module built using NodeJS, SocketIO, and TypeScript, developed for real-time distributed apps.

The base concept is very similar to Playfab, but it is built with Redux and React in focus. It allows actions to be distributed between clients in real time and supports server-side triggers for features like achievements and notifications.

It can handle many parallel actions without problems caused by out-of-order processing and long-running tasks without slowing down the whole system.

This library allows frontend developers to build complex real-time applications quickly as the backend manages all complexities automatically. Here are a few experiences powered by the framework:

A live quiz game for classrooms. (Similar to Kahoot.)
A live chat service for support agents.
Live game leaderboards.
Language: TypeScript
Environment: NodeJS, Redis
Frameworks: SocketIO, Redux